Ways to land a good yacht crew job

Have you ever dreamed about working on a luxurious yacht while sailing the world’s oceans and seas? If yes, then you would be surprised to hear that fulfilling that dream now is easier than ever. There are standard approaches that will help you find and land a job position on one of those gorgeous, super-luxurious yachts. Although not particularly complicated, these plans still go far beyond than just simply mailing out your resume. However, once you do land that dream job, you will realize they were quite worth it.

Important maritime courses

22klpiruThe first and most important requirement for landing a job at a luxurious yacht are the education and training. No reputable maritime traveling agency would even think about hiring a crew member that has no education, skill and critical training. That is why you need to apply for and ultimately finish at least one of many maritime training courses. These courses, which can include a deckhand course or an STCW course, are offered by a large number of various schools and other institutions and organizations. Most of them are aimed at teaching the students specific things, so you will be able to choose which one you want to finish. Make sure to finish a course, or some courses, which will best suit your needs and the needs and requirements of your potential employees.

Use the services of a hiring agency

Every major sea port and a vast majority of seaside resort towns are home to a large number of offices of various maritime companies that offer maritime-related job positions. If you happen to be in a port that is brimming with luxurious yachts and other vessels, it is highly likely that you will find a plethora of agencies, that specialize in finding educated and competent mariners, to serve their clientele. Applying at these agencies is no different than applying for any other job. Make sure to create a nice-looking CV and visit some agencies, so as to drop it off. If the agency’s recruiting staff finds your CV compelling enough, you can expect a call within a day or two and a subsequent job interview. Before the interview, the agency’s staff will closely examine your CV, as well as your specific qualifications and skills, to find you the most appropriate job position.

Walking the docks

33kdpieutiuAn age-old method, but still quite effective. If you are intent on finding a good yacht crew job, make sure to walk the docks now and then. This activity is extremely simple and involves nothing more than just walking up and down the piers and docks and talking with anyone that might know about available crew positions. These include the captains and other high-ranking officers, as well as the lowest-ranking crew members. By walking the docks, various people will be able to meet you and get to know you face-to-face, which will allow you to show them that you are highly enthusiastic and competent to work on a yacht.

Meet the crew

Last, but not least, try to meet and make friends with some of the crew members. You can easily do that by visiting the places where crews usually go to relax and wind up, such as clubs or bars. This way, you will get to know more about specific details of a particular job position and increase your chances of landing it.…