Electrocardio – The Heart And Its Electric Signals

The heart is like a machine that functions as a result of electric signals. For instance, it beats and pumps blood to various parts of your body because of its rhythmic expansions and contractions. This pumping activity is stimulated by electrical signals that are produced by natural pacemaker of the heart. However, there are times when problems arise and affect the functioning of the heart. Now, what is an ecg? The Electrocardiogram can be defined as a cardiac diagnostic test, which helps the doctor and patient to understand irregularities in the heart.

The procedure is inexpensive and simple. The patient is required to lie down on the examination table. About 10 to 12 electElectrocardiogram 11rodes are then attached to his or her limbs, mainly legs and arms, and the chest skin. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. Moreover, it does not cause any harm or pain.

In normal conditions, Sinoatrial Node sends out electrical impulses that contract the upper part of your heart that is divided into two auricles. The signal passes to the lower end, after the auricles contract. Sometimes the Electrocardiogram machine is connected to various parts of the body using metal rods. In this way, it can record the generated electrical signals. This information is recorded in the form of ECG readings that are known as an electrocardiograph. The doctor will then check the wave-like representation of your results. Abnormalities in the troughs and crests of wave-graphs confirm the ailments. You should note that study of cardiac rhythms is very important to the study of anatomy and the physiology of the heart. Therefore, it is very easy to undertake further investigations if there are complications.

Electrocardiogram 12The readings from the tests are very important in various ways. For instance, they can be used to check rhythm and rate of heartbeats, chest ache, understand the risk of heart diseases, check blood supply, and investigate frequent fatigue and breathing problems.

There are many more problems and diseases that can be studied on this machine. Some of the problems include stress, palpitations, syncope, stress, and cardiac diseases. The major problem with this method is that abnormalities may go unnoticed using this technique. This is because confirmed negative tests that indicate no abnormality may give incorrect information. Therefore, there is a likelihood that a patient is suffering from coronary artery disease. In the case of concerns or discomfort about your health, you should not hesitate to carry out diagnostic tests done. You can get more information on forums and medical news.…