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  • Interpreter vs. Translator

    People choose different career paths when they are in college. If you too are in that time of your life, and you decide you want to become an interpreter, there are a few things you need to consider before starting down that path. The important thing you must understand is the difference between translating and interpreting so you can select the one that suits you.kfkyuj34

    The Interpreter

    An interpreter is a person who provides a verbal translation of one language to a second language. This can be done at a meeting, or conference where the speaker uses one language and the interpreter speaks in the second language to a person or group of people. Sometimes an interpreter can also work over the phone on a conference call where one party speaks in one language, and the interpreter will deliver the message to the other party in a second language.

    The Translator

    A translator’s job is to translate documents like books, certificates, manual or even sometimes websites to a second language. This is done in written form and not verbally.


    Becoming an interpreter or translator are both very challenging jobs. An interpreter must be able to process the languages fast as they need to listen to the language spoken by the first person and communicate it to the others (a single person or group) very fast. An interpreter’s job requires quick thinking and the ability to interact with other people or groups. In fact, an interpreter must not only understand the languages been spoken but must be comfortable with different accents of the same language too.

    ogjk232A translator, on the other hand, does not have as many challenges as an interpreter because they do not have to deal with people or accents. Even though writing styles may differ from culture to culture, the pronunciation on paper or a computer screen will be the same. There is no vocal process involved. A translator has the luxury of time on their side and does not have to do the translation in real time. Being a translator will give one the chance to read the entire document and understand its context before beginning the work.

    An interpreter, however, does not need to worry about punctuations or grammar too much. As they work in real time and are interpreting what, the speaker says. Therefore, their work is not put in writing.

    In effect a translator has a few advantages over an interpreter and if you are considering a career in this area, you must decide on which path you want to take.…

  • Top Tips To Find Best Candidate For Job

    Regardless of the type of business or industry you are operating in; it is important to have talented people to help you operate and grow your company. Searchwest inc is a premier recruitment agency to help you get right employees to run your company. The process of choosing the right candidates can be troublesome and saddling than you might have thought.

    To get a perfect person for the occupation, it is necessary to look past introductory letters and resumes. Your employees must have recruitment process 10the right experience and knowledge to carry out assigned duties. Moreover, they should fit with the organization culture and be ready to take direction. Moreover, they should handle various challenges as they come. However, settling on the right candidate is not a straightforward thing. The following tips can be very helpful:

    Concentrate on your rivals potential
    There is nothing more imperative than hiring a new person to your job. Other than having the right ability, you need to look at the personality as well. The truth is that a person will experience, but personalities cannot change. Your new employee should be able to cooperate with other employees and explore the social circumstances surrounding him or her.

    Checking online networking profiles
    Like a lot of managers, you want to verify the individual you are about to employ. Search the internet to see results about the individual. If you fail to use these online networking sites, you will be failing to use a key approach to discovering a lot about a person. Look for information about a candidate in online networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The way a person carries himself or herself in those sites, it is a sign of how the person will behave orecruitment process 11n the job.

    Your rival identity is very important when searching for new employees to join your organization. You need an individual with a broad range of abilities and not forgetting them personalities. It is necessary to verify that the person you hire is the right fit for a particular position.


    Ask job candidates questions that can help you determine whether they are rascals or experts in the job vacancy. Questions can help you know an applicant’s aspiration and drive. This is essential as they will be assisting your company. Nowadays, there are several recruitment agencies that can do the recruitment process for you. They are knowledgeable and experienced in doing this.…

  • Strategies to Get Yourself Promoted at Work: Moving Up the Ladder

    Most career experts say that finding and planning for a next job as soon as you start with a new one is the secret of most successful career men and women. You should also do the same as it might work for you, but there are key factors that one has to remember. Stay focused on your current job enough that you would excel on having the position prior looking for a new one. If you want to know more about how to get promotions at work, read on.

    Years ago, workers progress on a specific career path with their careers but with the impact of globalization, Career 02technology, and thinner organizational structures, the paradigm has been changed. Employees now have to manage and create their career paths themselves by taking advantage of multiple organizations. Take note: promotion doesn’t always mean you are taking an upward path. In business environments today, you might be needing to take lateral moves to position oneself for an upward move later on.

    Strategies on how to develop a promotion plan:

    Develop a Mentoring Relationship

    A recent study has found that three out of four promotions have had a mentoring relationship with someone with a higher position in the company and has helped spread a good word about him/her. There are companies that have a formal and credited mentoring program but regardless of a program, there are still a lot of ways in building relationships with the right people. Mentors are great sources of career guidance and information.

    Quality Results

    Although promotions can be not basing on your previous performance with the company, it can certainly make a better case for promotion by providing a detailed information on your past successes. The ones who are getting the results get ahead, as they say.

    Practice Self-promotion

    Career 03Our families taught us that “modesty is a virtue” but in the case of job-hunting, you are simply not going to get ahead if you don’t let them know how great you can be, or maybe you already are. Always be known of quality and quantity. If you just made a major accomplishment, make sure you let it be heard especially to those that do the promoting.

    Acquire New Skills and Knowledge

    One of the best ways in succeeding in getting a promotion is by expanding your skill set in areas that are very critical to an organization. As we know that technology and other unpredictable environmental forces could change rapidly, you have to increase your skills and knowledge non-stop, not just to properly do your job but stay marketable for a long time. This is the most crucial step on how to get promotions at work.…